Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Well yesterday was pretty cool. I spent the last half of the day with Keith and Olaf in Berlin. I really like Berlin its a kicking city. We went to this one area called Lichterfelde, which oddly enough is also the name of the village I got questioned by some very angry police officers, but thats a different story.

We ended up going to this Mennonite hostel called Mennoheim. It looks pretty awesome! I'll be helping to lead a young adults group from there sometime soon. Maybe in October. Paid trips to Berlin with people my own age? Heck yes!

I talked to Hannah yesterday it was nice to hear from her. I also tried to phone home to no avail. I friggen tried to use the phones for a week and I finally discovered that I must first press 0 to actually get out of the 'Office' phone mode.

Other than that this week has been moderatly uneventful. All of my teaching has been doing okay, colours is not the best thing to teach, kids lose the interest quickly. I need to think of some better games! Maybe something involving soccer? I miss Canadian kids, they're so much better behavied!

There is so much to cover and I am not looking forward to writing it down here. I'll get it done eventually. Meh, until then kiddos.
Peace out

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