Sunday, October 15, 2006

Boars, Yaks and Ostriches

So today Keith and I went to go visit a co-worker, Ina Albers, and her family. I have to say it was the most interesting think that I've done in a while. Her husband was really nice and they live in a small village called Meckezdorf.

We went on a walk with their small children and on the way we went to a small farm with wild boars. Now I have lately become, shall we say, completely and udderly obsessed by these wonder beats. I walk in the woods everyday in hopes of seeing one. I've seen lots of deer so far, but who the hell wants to see deer? The answer? No one. The eat grass, run fast and are generally not all that awe inspiring. Sometimes they have cool horns. Boars have tusks, how could you ever really compete with that?

After that wonderful moment that only fulled by boar lust, we went to an osterich farm. Also awesome. I suggest looking here at if you want to learn more about these truely amazing animals. Who knew that Germany was such an amazingly diverse place? They also had yaks and pot-bellied pigs. Now, I think that I'm man enough to say when something is 'cute' and I got to say, those pigs were damn cute.

I find that each day in Germany brings me a little closer to feeling at home here. I really like the area I live in, that being Neidergörsdorf, but I find that Altes Lager is just so rediculously depressing. There is something about this place that just sucks creativity and happiness out of you. And people wonder why no one wants to live here! Hello! Its a freaking military bunker! How much more depressing to you want it? Every other village here is small, happy looking, and actually has at least some degree of community bonding. If it were a choice between living in a small dorf, Berlin or Altes Lager, I wouldn't even give it a second thought.

All that being said, I still like it here but I wish now that I had something more. There is nothing to get involved with here except for the Church-which is good, but I have a good church group back home. I wanted more of a real German community to try and fit into. Guess I'll have to look a little harder, or perhaps a little deeper.

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Keith said...

Altes Lager till I die...a completely miserably depressing death where my face rips in half in attempt to stop the incessent pain from frowning all the time. Rock on Gary, your my 3 favorite blogger in the World (sorry, Micheal Jackson and David Hasselhof have got you beat)