Friday, October 06, 2006


Well friends, we see that we have once again found ourselves in the month of October. This being the best month of the year I am quite happy. Its Fall and when its not raining the weather is close to perfect. The best time to be in Germany I think.

This past little while has been pretty busy, yet relaxing enough. On the 3rd of October it was Germany's Reunification Day. A good day to say the least. The stories I could tell about life before the Wall came down, they could fill a whole other blog! The secret police, the life, the Wall...there is a lot of pain still very evident in East Germany. Its not something that people easily forget.

Keith and I went to Berlin with the youth group too. It was pretty fun, we got a paid trip to Berlin and a free McDonalds lunch out of it, so it was okay (even if it was raining the whole time). It was pretty neat to hang out with people roughly my own age, even if they are crazy Russian kids.

Two things I am excited for:

1) My friend and neighbour from Stouffville, Sarah Jones is coming to visit me in 10 days! Woohoo! I miss Canadian friends. There is so much here that all of my friends from back home would love. Some times I wish they were here, then Altes Lager would be a bit more interesting I think. Sarah and her friend are coming and it looks like its going to be an awesome time.

2) I phoned my brother Tim today. That was wicked, he's studying Human rights in Norway. We're planning a trip this Christmas to Switzerland, Poland, Chek Rep. (spl?), and of course, Ukraine. It looks to be a most premium trip!


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