Monday, October 23, 2006

The Real Deer Cleaver

Back home my brother and I drive the crappiest little red Honda Civic. It was made in 1986, the same year that I was born. Now despite all of its downsides its been with my siblings through some pretty freaking good times.

My brother calls it the 'Deer Cleaver'. One night he was driving with a man I'll call Matt Jones. They were cuising along when Tim runs over something. Tim swears that it was a deer and that the car cut right through it. Jones claims that it was a clump of dirt.

The reason I mentioned this is that I have now moved on to a new red car in Altes Lager. Tonight I almost cleaved through, not one, but two deer. For real. Keith and I were coming back from our English teaching for adults lesson, when we almost smoked this one deer in the face and then almost hit another. It was awesome.

We ate dinner tonight at Jake and Dorothy's and then played Settlers. I thought I had the game in the bag and then Keith came out of nowhere and destroyed me. It was humiliating. I'll get my chance for revenge soon enough.

This weekend is Intermenno Trainees Altes Lager All Around Family Fun Time. So unbelievebly excited. I might not sleep until then.

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