Friday, October 13, 2006

Sitting with the Russians

So I'm sitting here right now with a bunch of russian guys. They all seem like moderatly nice people. They like to sing about Keith and I. I'm currently showing them a map about Canada. We went to this pretty amazing simming pool last night close to the Polish border. It took forever to get there. I do have to say though that it was pretty freaking awesome, German pools are very high-tech and modern with waterfalls, wavepools and the hold deal. Beats our typical pools: cold and square.
I got the day off today which is pretty nice. I used it to clean up the place a bit in anticipation of my friends who are coming to visit on monday. I am definitly looking forward to that. Should be a good time.
October is still running by and things are seeming to get into a pretty sonsistant grove now. I feel like Altes Lager is become a little more like home. Except I don't have nearly enough cool things to do or english books to read.
Peace out for now, I smell cake.

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