Monday, October 02, 2006

Urlaub! Huzzah!

So today is part of the long weekend. Tomorrow is Germany's Reunification Day, which is when East and West Germany offically reunited back in the 90's. Fun stuff indead! Most of this weekend has been spent chilling an relaxing.

On Saturday, Keith and I had to work with the Jugendmobile at this kids fair. It would have been a total waste of time had there not been an archry tent set up. I've been wanting to shoot a bow so badly for some reason. I got my wish and it was very satisfying.

Today, I thought that I was supposed to work but I guess I wasn't as no one was at both of the kindergartens. So I went grocery shopping instead. I got a nice little supply of apple juice that should last me for some time. I also bought some figs as I was having a conversation with someone yesterday about this odd little fruit when I realized that I had never tried one. I did and I have to say that it was about a 7/10. Not amazing, but I can see how people would like it. Lots of seeds.

After that I went for a very long bike ride with Keith. We ended up going at least 30k which was very tiring to say the least. We stopped on the way home for some good ol' fashioned curry wurst mit pommes, and a nice cold one. It hit all sorts of spots. After that we pretty much have spent the rest of the day watching odd German music videos. I seem to be developing a strong addiction to walking deutsch MTV...its very disturbing.

Its nice to get a little time off. I've been enjoying the excellent Fall weather here and the hilarious Oktoberfest celebrations. Pretty much just a beer tent with odd food stands and dangerous German carnies. Lots of interesting vendors too.

Here is a picture of some figs:

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