Sunday, November 19, 2006

Glaring Differences: Canada and Germany

So, obviously, there are some differences in cultures between Cananda and Germany. Go figure. I just thought that I would go ahead and list a couple of my all-time favourites.

- The Hair. Oh lordy, the hair is something you have to see for yourself. So many mullets and no one cares. The horror...

- Diet. By this I meat the pork. I think all Germans would starve to death if there was ever some type of pig sickness. So many sausages...makes me a little sick just thinking about eatting another one.

-Hand Shaking. In Germany, especially in the east, you shake everyones hand. Always. All the time. Everytime you see them. I could crush rocks with my hands these days...

More to come, I forgot I need to make a phonecall.

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