Sunday, November 05, 2006

Intermenno All-Around Awesome Fun Type Event

So its Sunday night, and I've enjoyed having the place to myself for a couple days. Last week was pretty intense, so its been quite nice to have a little bit of peace and quiet. Keith will be returning tomorrow from his 8 day trip to Barcelona and Paris, so this is my last night of solitude. Which, I have to say, has been okay but I'm ready for a little action again. Things can get pretty boring when you're by yourself. I went to bed yesterday at 6pm, because there was nothing else to do!

Last week was our Intermenno trainee event. Holy crap. That pretty much describes the whole event. It was like a whirl-wind of awesomeness in 5 days. My liver still hurts. I have yet to clean my appartment from the disaster, which is unfortunatly the cause of the growing, uh smell, in my room. I have about 5 cases of beer in my closet and about half a dozen wine bottles, not to mention an odd assortment of other things. Now hold on there folks, there were 12 of us all together, so really if you divide it up its not that bad.

We started off on Thursday with Rachel coming to Jüterbog. We went back to our place , ate good pasta, and then drank beers and went out to the flugplatz and talked about geek stuff and aliens. I love geeks.

The next day set us off on an adventure to Berlin to pick up all of the other folks. Of course, being the hungry guy that I am, we stopped for some delicious pizza and dunkelbier on the way. By far the best meal that I have had so far in Germany.

We met everyone at the trainstation and came back to our appartment. We then proceeded to grab lots of stuff and head out to the Russian racetrack so we could be a little louder. About 2 hours later, a little louder turned into screaming songs and such. That night will definetly be one of my favourtie memories of this experience. We came home at about 3am and I promptly went to sleep after grudgingly giving up most of my pillows.

The next morning we all woke up relatively alive and then ran to catch the train. Of course, I had to do 4 trips with the red car so we were almost late. We got the the HBF when, naturally, I was hungry. I decided that it would be a good time for everyone to eat, so we ate Dönners. Delicious.
With our bellies full, we went outside and saw Berlin in all of its glory and awesomeness. It we saw that it was awesome and we said it was good. At the end of this day we rested. Just kidding, we bought more beer. The events of that night included:

- a costume party were I was a monk
- a spooky tour through the communist base (they love hopscotch)
- an interesting party story I might discuse later on in life

The next morning we all came to the conclusion that so far we had 2 awesome days. That made the ratio of awesome days 2:0 or would it be 1:0? Doesn't matter. We let Sunday be a day of rest. Keith set out for his adventure and then the rest of us went to Jüterbog, ate dönners, and then moved on to say goodbye to half of our group. It was tearful. Then the rest of us went to the grocery store and bought more beer. And wine. And some other stuff.

That day we went back to the ruins and had a day time adventure. We drank bad beers and had some sugar water. It was here that I learned of my poor ability to judge time. Apparently, 5 minutes to me, is 30 to the rest of the world. Everything in my life makes sense now. That night we made pasta and then talked for a long time. The fab 5 will rule for all times. People who stay get richly rewarded. It was another premium moment of the Fest.

The next morning we all went to the train station to say goodbye to our fellow trainees. Josh and Mattias stayed and after we said our goodbyes to the gals, we went to Wittenburg for the Remermationstag celebration. It was amazing, we say olden days type people and then drank the most delicious honey mead. It was the best beer I have ever tasted. If I could only drink one thing again for the rest of my life, it would be mead. So good. We also ate some good goat/beef stuffed pockets? We finished the day with some good food and a movie. I went to bed early, Mattias drank the last of our beer and the slosh bucket. Oh Mattias.

Thats pretty much it. My fingers hurt.

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