Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Advent and the Royal Tennenbaum...

So you all wanted a piece of the Gary, so here it is. It is now December 5th, which means tomorrow the Weinachtsmann is coming. It’s the same thing as Santa Claus except if you’re bad he beats you with sticks and only gives you coal. Sounds like the raw deal to me.
Today at one of my kindergartens (Neidergörsdorf), the ‘Santa Man’ came early for all of the kids and gave us all presents. I got a bottle of wine, which I’m looking forward to later on tonight. One of the kids was talking while Santa was giving out presents and then he yelled at her and said that she wouldn’t be getting anything for Christmas and she’ll most likely be beaten too. She was 3. The look on this kids face was like we just told her that her family was eaten by wolves. She didn’t cry, but she tried to so hard that she stopped breathing for a minute straight. I laughed. Haha, I wish we had Euro-Christmas events. In the Netherlands, if you’re bad Santa beats you with whips!
Other than that things are pretty good. Life is going on as it always has. November wasn’t the best month as the whole being away from home thing was getting a little annoying. I’ve figured that I live in the Manitoba of Germany. Lots of farms and once you grow up you leave, move to Winnipeg (Berlin), or become a farmer and marry young.
December has tonnes of stuff to do though. Christmas is everything to these guys. Everyday in a different village they have these cool outdoor ‘Christmas Markets’ and they give our free spiced wine and beer. You can buy all sorts of Christmas type things, trees and whatnot.
Plus my brother is coming in a week and we’re off to Prague for a while and then Krakow, Poland for Christmas. I think we might be going to either Hungary or Ukraine for New Years.
The only thing that we’re missing here is snow. Still hasn’t snowed yet. Soon enough I guess, then I’ll wish that it was warm again.

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