Monday, December 18, 2006

The big 20

Tomorrow, I leave to head to Prague with my brother Tim. It’s been a long week and next week seems like it’ll be even longer. I suppose traveling takes a lot out of a guy. I’m still looking forward to it. It’ll be really a good time, hopefully.

Yesterday was my 20th birthday. I am really so mixed with emotions right now I really don’t know what to think or say about life. To be honest, I feel as though a part of me has died. I suppose there is a point in every person’s life when they leave behind childhood for good and progress onto the life of an adult. For me, this was the point of no return. My days of teenage recklessness are mostly over. They’ll appear every once-and-a-while, but I’ve hit the point where I know that it’s time to move on.

Looking back on my true teenage year, lets say 14- 19, what a huge period of growth and development. Just go back and think about what happened between grade 9 to your 20th birthday (if you’ve done so, if not just to the present); it’s just astonishing to think of all that has happened in that short period of 6 years. Girls (or boys), sex, money, music, spirituality, school, university, jobs, camps, booze, drugs, love, heartbreak, revenge, friendship, family, traveling. Looking back, everyday seemed to be a life changing experience.

Here is the issue for me: how do I quantify all of this? How to I express everything that has happened. If I try to, it almost moves me to tears of joy or tears of anger. How do I sum up the experience of being a Teenager? It’s beyond me I guess.

I’d like to really hear some feedback on this one. How do you sum up this time period?

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