Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Adventure Calls

So time to do a little update I suppose. Well, it’s certainly been a long and very interesting period since I last wrote, almost a month! A lot has happened since then. Let’s all start back and pretend that it is the night before the trip. (Time warp noises).

So Tim and are finally packed and then we have a dinner with all of the people in the Gemeinde. We had a secret Santa and everything. We didn’t have gifts, but we ran back to the room and grabbed the freshly purchased glüwine that had arrived early that night. It was a big hit! I ended up nabbing myself a pasta set, I was so happy.

The next day Tim and I set off to the post office to grab the money gram that my parents were sending us. The website said that it opened at 7am, however, it turns out that it does not open until 9am. Very un-German if you ask me. So that starting things off on a bad note, seeing as our train left at 9:03am. We managed to work things out to say the least.

The train ride to Prague was fairly uneventful. We went through Dresden, but that is really the only notable city on the German side. The Czech cities, I could not pronounce even if I wanted to. We got our passports czeched (haha, get it?!). I slay myself.

Anywho, we arrived at Prague at around 3pm and were immediately set upon by people looking for backpackers. We were so afraid of pickpockets that we ran from these people, but not before grabbing a flyer off of one man (who later turned out to be the owner of the hostel we stayed at and not, in fact, a pickpocket).

After an almost straight forward trip on the subway we arrived at the main square. It was beyond awesome; statues and the huge museum, and much more. We had finally arrived in Eastern Europe (or so we thought). We finally made it and the real trip began.

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