Sunday, January 28, 2007

Foil Dinners and Book Reviews

I need to finish a little presentation I’ve been working on, but I have writer’s block at the moment so I figure I’ll warm myself up with a little blogging.

The past week has been very crazy and it looks like I now have a little bit of a breather before I’m right back at it again. Mattias came to visit us this week and what a week it was. Lots of party-time and late nights, which in-turn has given me a larger than usual lust for naps. We did a number of fun activities, such as making foil-dinners and hotdogs out in the forest by a well made fire, lots of music jams, and a late night party day in Berlin last Friday night to top it all off. All in all, I’d coin it a very successful visit.

This Thursday I’m off to Karlsruhe (or rather Thomashof) to head to the Midterm conference. I’m very excited to see all of the trainees and committee members. Looks like it’ll be a full 5 days of Menno goodness. The little presentation that I’m supposed to be working on is for the first night of the conference. It’s okay though, I’ve practically finished it, so a little procrastination to think of a good ending is most likely a good idea right?

Other than that it’s just been pretty low-key. Today, I did my usual old people driving and then Waldi, Keith and I watched a movie with Rowan Atkansin in it, and it was quite good. Very British, if I do say so myself. Then I took to reading for a while and taking a well deserved nap.

I’ve done a lot of reading lately, and so far I’ve been very pleased with the books. Tim bought me ‘Everything is Illuminated’ for my birthday and I loved it. Way different than the movie of course, but I think the movie was great in its own way as well. I read it while we went to Auschwitz; I laughed, I cried, I read in silence. I’d give it a grade A.

Then right after, Hannah sent me ‘The Life of Pi’. In a few words, I’d call it life changing. It was exactly what I needed. Reading that book gave me enough epistemological thoughts for me to chew on. I would say, it didn’t change my religious beliefs but rather how I look at religion in general. A much more peaceful approach that I find is much more in tune to my beliefs as a Mennonite. Plus, it’s amazingly well written and has lots of Canadian references, which I highly approve of.

Currently, I am reading ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’. I’m currently feeling in a really math and science mood, which is very odd considering these two subjects have more often than not been the Bain of my existence. Something that I’ve learned so far is that science can be very interesting if put into perspective and not written by scientist. I find that the most amazing minds of our time have usually been sub-par writers, as is the norm with most academics. It’s the same with university professors, they may be a genius in their perspective fields, but they suck at teaching and conveying what they know into practical terms. I guess that’s what a TA is for, right?

Anywho, time to get back to my little project and then I still have to make lesson plans for this week.
Ciao Darlings.

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dan of becks mills said...

i saw a comment from you on my blog...who knows how long it has been sitting there, lonely. thanks for reading my things and i guess liking it. you may have persuaded me to write in there once again. enjoy altes lager. odds are you will miss it some day.