Sunday, January 14, 2007

Trip Update

So I suppose that it’s time to tell the next part of the trip.

So last I left off we had finally arrived in the main square of Prague. Not bad. We walked around for a bit in search of an internet cafe, until we finally found a cheap one. We wanted to look up a cheap hostel that would be close by as we had these large heavy sacks. We finally decided to check out one on a flyer that we had been given earlier at the train station.

The name of the place was The Golden Sickle. Nice allusions to the good ol’ days eh? It was a little more expensive that we would have hoped, around 300 crowns, but it was nice enough and we didn’t really want to go looking for another place. We signed in and then were taken up to a dorm room where we met some nice Polish people and a couple of Aussis and Brits. We settled in pretty quickly and then went out to find some food.

All in all, it was a pretty relaxed night. We did some exploring and got some stuff to eat from the local grocery store. We were both feeling a little anxious to see how things would turn out, but I think they ended up turning out okay. I’m starting to forget what really happened; I wish I would have written this all down. We had a good time and then finally received some much needed sleep.

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