Thursday, February 22, 2007

Der In Ordnung Hammer

Spring, I believe, is finally starting to poke it’s head here in sleepy Altes Lager. Keith and I even managed to go for a walk today, which is something that we have not done in a while. Soon we’ll be back on our bikes with the wind in our hair and the road will feel our savage tires of wrath! Hopefully, I’ll start to shed some of this winter poundage as well.

This week has not been entirely great though as I have been sick for the majority of it, with what I suspect to be the stomach flu. Sometimes, I feel perfectly fine and then the next second I’ll be doubled over in gross sickness. The beautiful weather of late has been naught but salt on the wound.

I spent a large portion of the day reading the old trainee yearbooks. Dan, if you are reading this, your page was pretty funny. I know exactly what you mean when you said you felt married to Ben. Here I am not just myself, I am Gary and Keith. We are fused as one.

Reading those kinds of memory journals made me really sentimental of my time spent here. My love/hate relationship with Altes Lager is slowly turning more into a love relationship. Now that the winter is ending I can see light at the end of the tunnel and things don’t look so bad. I’d say life is becoming more level, instead of the highs and lows. I really do feel like this place is my home now, in an odd sort of way.

Speaking of odd things, I forgot to mention the fact that last week Keith and I had to teach baseball. Oh lord, Europe is not ready for the Great American Game. Needless to say, the 9th graders we were trying to teach did not understand a lot – especially since our handle on the language is limited at best. However, we did have fun by the end of it, even if the rules were too complicated and the baseball gear turned out to be for T-ball, as opposed to gear for 14 year olds. That will be a good memory. Das war ‘Der In Ordnung Hammer’.

On a side note, I’ve been having a little bit of an argument over the issue of alcohol in Christianity. I’ve got some people telling me that in ancient times that wine was mainly used because water was often contaminated and unhealthy. While I do not doubt for a second that water was less than perfect back in the day, if people only drank wine based on that fact and not the fact that it tasted good and had an alcoholic part to it, no matter how slight, then folks I will eat all of my clothing and go naked for the rest of my life. If this were true than why is that practice not more commonly used today? Has the water quality really improved that much in the Middle East? I think not. I suppose alcohol is taboo for many Muslim people to a larger extent.

Also, were the same drinking rules not practiced back then as they are today? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that the old testament had some say on the subject and that certainly didn’t stop the Jews, who were far more conservative than today’s Christian conservatives, from drinking. Just a few thoughts.

Keith also says that he killed a mongoose today. I’ll have to reconfirm that and get back to you all.


dan of becks mills said...

i know how you feel....spring time in altes lager...heaven...especially when contrasted with the hell that manifests itself as winter.

gary h. said...

so true dan. I can ride that crappy yellow bike all over the place now, and then some.