Monday, February 19, 2007

Mid-Term Conference

So it’s certainly been some time since my last update. I know that I need to start doing this more regularly, but we all know that I’m lazy and to be honest one needs to be in the mood to blog. I am currently in one of those aforementioned moods.

Well, let’s think back to what has happened over the last month or two. Let’s start with the mid-term conference. In the middle of the year the Intermenno program hosts 5 days of fun, learning, and relaxation for all of the trainees. This year it was hosted in Thomashof by Karlsruhe. I don’t think that I need to say the whole thing was, well, awesome. Most likely the most fun I’ve had in months.

Keith and I got up nice and early and made sure that we got to the train station with ample time to spare. Our last conference we had decided to walk from Altes Lager and subsequently, missed our train. Not this time though! We had to take transfers in Lu Wittenberg, Leipzig, Frankfurt, and Mannheim, but everything went quite smooth.

When we got to Karlsruhe, we took a bunch of trams and a quick bus ride and found ourselves in the middle of Thomashof. The first thing that we did was search our friend Rachel, who is a trainee and works at the conference centre we were staying at. It didn’t take us long to find her and that was the official kick-off for our conference.

We were the first people to arrive but shortly after Mattias came and then everyone else followed, the last person being our friend Josh who didn’t arrive until 8pm that evening. It was so nice to see everyone again and I was running around screaming like a chicken with its head cut off. I don’t think that I shut my mouth the entire time that I was there.

The next few days were something of a blur, I’m sure it doesn’t take a degree to figure out why. Trainees will be trainees. However, here are the finer points of the weekend:

- Seeing the committee members. I have severe beard envy.

- Going to Karlsruhe to see the Schloss and tour around the malls and whatnot. Screaming on the elevators and buying fake mustaches!

- Trainee party day-1. I saw Kees gangster-style.

- Going to the Ballet and watching Johannes Neufeld giggle like a school girl at the men jumping around. Too funny. Then getting ‘locked-out’ of the third installment with Eric to sit at the bar and have a cold one. Great night.

- Debbie and her constant hair insults. I’m still thinking of a perfect insult.

- Trainee party day 2. Sara and Saskia are the light of my life. You will never meet more awesome Dutch people than these two women. Singing, dance parties, and 85 cent beer.

- Going on a hike through the area. Just beautiful, much more interesting than the flat plains of Brandenburg. Nice trees.

- Shalomj
- The abundant english conversations.
- The trainee talent show. Cats on things they’re not supposed to be on are amaaaazzzzinnggg!

Well, that was about it. I was sore to see the time go by so quickly. I mentioned that it’s certainly interesting how we are all such different people but we get along so well, seemingly. It all just goes to reaffirm by belief that mennonites are certainly awesome people. I love Intermenno and I’m almost sad to see the first half of the year come to a close. I’m happy, however, that I won’t have to go through the whole adjustment phase all over again though.

The next 6 months look like they will be much more stable than the last 6. Man, what a crazy life I live. Looking back, the past 6 months have been beyond challenging, beyond amazing, and beyond words. Let’s hope the next half doesn’t go by too quickly.

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