Monday, February 26, 2007

Today’s events were very low-key. I woke up feeling very tired because I kept on freaking myself out last night. I was dreaming that there was that girl from ‘The Ring’ inside my room and when a pop bottle fell off my desk, I nearly fell out of bed in terror. Then I decided to stay up past midnight, seeing that’s when most ghost attacks occur, to prove to myself that I wouldn’t have my mind flayed by extra-dimensional beings. I am happy to report that I remain ‘un-flayed’...for now.

After waking up and helping myself to last night’s birthday leftovers, I took a shower to wake myself up. My shower, I am sad to announce, has no more curtain. At first the spokes for the curtain were always coming loose and hitting me in the face, but recently while drawing the beast I accidentally plucked the whole thing right out of the wall. It gave me quite a shock to say the least.

Today I made the trek out to the small village of Lichterfelde to teach a whopping total of 6 kids, in two separate lessons. Today’s lesson of hobbies didn’t really go over that well. At first we starting talking about thinks that we liked to do, the kids responded well to that. However, when it came time to start on some English translations, they were happy enough to continue on about what they like.

As a by-product of today’s mayhem I have developed a way to keep children quite by playing a game. The game starts with me taking an ‘invisible key’ out of my front pocket. Then I explain that this key has the ability to lock a kid’s mouth shut. When I lock your mouth, you can't talk. When they have something to say they can then raise their hands and I will ‘unlock’ their mouths. It worked like a charm. I am really hoping to get some positive feedback from the rest of the kindergartens.

After work, Keith and I went to Jüterbog to cash in some gas vouchers. I recently received a 35 euro ticket for accidentally parking in a handicap zone. I know what you are thinking, it’s usually pretty obvious, but on this occasion it wasn’t, believe me. Herr Lehman decided that it was an excellent opportunity to give me a fatherly talk on the ways of German driving. I felt so embarrassed; he really was letting me have it. I now have a ticket total of around 100 euros and therefore take the honour of being the trainee with the most tickets in the history of Intermenno. I'd like to take time to thank the academy and those two housewives in red Jüterbog coats who gave me all of these tickets in the first place.

After our little driving lesson, Keith and I headed out to Luckenwalde to see if Keith could scrap up a cheap toaster oven. No such luck was to be had, but I ended up getting a good deal on a movie (Batman Forever.

In other sad news, Keith and I will be the last trainees to be in Altes Lager. We were recently informed that there will be no trainees here next year due to the fact that one of the major contributors to Neidergörsdorf trainees has pulled their funding. It’s a shame in a way; this was one of the most interesting placements in my opinion, not to mention the only one that was in the former GDR. I think this would have gone better here if they had let it be made a six month placement.

The last parts of Intermenno history in Altes Lager will end on July 12, 2007. Schade.


dan of becks mills said...

that is some sad news...i mourn altes lager jetzt.

Scott said...

Well what do we have here?
A little nook of the internet where a dear friend of mine lets loose his thoughts? And I'm only finding out about it now? Scheisse!
How are you old man?! If you are scratching your noodle because my identity eludes you, it is me, Scottie Mader. It seems that Germany is treating you very well! Please, send me an email (! I would like to hear more about your adventures! I would like to fill you in on my life as well! Much has happened to say the least. Andrea and I have a blog too. It's
Adios for now friend.