Monday, March 26, 2007

We are North Americans!

Time for an scoop of update goodness. I’m going to try and make this as short as possible, but there has been quite a bit of stuff happening lately.

Well, the group from Winnipeg is now here. There are about 8 grade 12 students and 2 married couples. They are all a really awesome bunch of people and I am looking forward to doing more cool stuff with them.

So far I have been doing quite a bit of work that I did see coming. Keith and I were really not told anything about the group and were not involved in the planning at all, which personally I think was a little silly. People on the German side were complaining that they had too much to do and didn’t want our help. The past couple of days have been busy though with driving, helping out, and I even have one staying with me now. It’s all good because we scored some free meals and I also enjoy just spending time with people my own age and talking glorious English.

The group arrived on Friday afternoon and then we all got acquainted. Right after that they all went to Tropical Island, a sort of indoor tropical beach. Keith and I opted out due to the price and instead went to Luckenwalde and purchased Scrubs on DVD. It was a night full of laughter at least. That can be a pretty funny show but I really don’t find the main character all that funny.

The next couple of days were filled with mingling games and whatnot between the Russian, German, and Canadian youth. I do have to say most of the games were some kind of violent beatings, but everyone seemed to enjoy them pretty well.

Yesterday all of the students were dropped off to stay with different families in the area. It reminded me so much of my first time here and how nervous I was. Some of these guys were sweating buckets, as none of them know German, and I thought of that first car ride into town after arriving at the Jüterbog train station. Watching them all get out of the van, all I could really do is laugh.

If anything, this group being here has really put how much I have learned into perspective. I have survived here for 8 months, sometimes by the skin of my teeth, but survived none the less. I can feel a major sense of accomplishment when I here someone asking me about the area or the language and I can give them a proper answer.

We are going bowling tomorrow. I bought a bowling t-shirt to help my score. It’s pretty much the most awesome shirt of all time. Pictures soon.

Ps. Keith and I had another paper interview with Frau. Duve. Hopefully, it went better than the last one.

Alles Gute,


Anonymous said...

should be Alles Gute not Alles Gutte. :)

gary h. said...

that is it! I quit this language!