Friday, April 20, 2007

another week gone by....

I say, it look’s like it’s time for a little blogging. It’s Friday, and as such I now have a little bit of time to actually do some things that I have been putting off, like making a new post, sorting school out, making my travel arrangements for next week, find a job for next year...

This week went by at the speed of sound. I can hardly believe that it is already the weekend, not that I’m complaining or anything. This past week has been one of, for the most part, BBQ’s and tying up loose ends for my up coming vacation.

Keith is now back from his ‘Northern European Trip 2007’ and by all accounts good times were had by all. He went to visit my brother Tim in Norway for a bit and then went to Scotland to visit another friend there.

It is nice to have Keith home as I was getting a little stir-crazy for some good ol’fashioned English. Those other trainees with no-English placements deserve some praise, as it is no small feat to speak a different language for long periods of time. My German has improved quite a bit I’d say though. When you’re forced to speak, you’d be surprised how much you have subconsciously learned.

To celebrate Keith coming home and the good weather, we had ourselves a proper grillfest. German’s love to BBQ and Dan and Ben were kind enough to have left us a small grill. We had a nice feast of pork, bratwursts, brötchen and we treated ourselves to a Pilsner Urquell (got to love the Czech). The rest of the afternoon we were content to sit and relax and then we took a long walk afterwards. Quite the day and I can see why Dan and Ben were so keen on grilling.

The rest of the week has been doing much of the same, but the weather has been threatening to rain for the longest time now. We finally have the bikes fixed so we are planning on using those this weekend. Other than that I need to make some new lesson plans, so if anyone is reading this and would like to be a good sport and make one up for me, I’d be quite happy.

Schönes Wochenende!

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