Monday, April 02, 2007


Well, time for another amazing update. I am happy to report that I am in a better mood than my last post. It seems like a lot has happened since then, but I suppose that is just due to the fact that I have been very busy of late.

The Canadian kids are now gone. After dumping lots of sweets and farewells on us, we parted ways early this morning. They were an interesting group and it is sad to see them go as we had lots of fun and they seemed to make things here in Altes Lager that much brighter.

The past weekend I also had a trainee come visit us, Christine that is. I am now happy to report that every Intermenno trainee has been here to see Keith and myself here in Altes Lager. We did the usual tour items, seeing Berlin and Altes Lager. Fun was had by all. Again, it was sad to see her go this afternoon as that means it is now back to just Keith and I.

April is here and that means that I have now been here for 8 months, leaving just 4 short months to go. This is the time where one starts to really think about making arrangements to go back home. It also makes me think about how fast the time has been going. I am not ready to leave yet; things are just finally starting to get really enjoyable here. It seems as if Keith and I are just finally starting to break into the community here, something that has taken a considerable amount of effort. Doesn’t that always seem to be the case though? As soon as you get comfortable in a situation, its time to leave.

Hannah is coming in one month. Very, very, very, excited.

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dan of becks mills said...

yup, thats how it goes. especially with altes lager. once the warmth comes out, it becomes a great place. i hope you guys have found, and have been using, the grill that we left behind. that truly was a source of much of our fun. enjoy your time. i am already trying to find a way to come back and work in germany. tchuss