Sunday, April 08, 2007


Today is Easter Monday, and as such I have a lot on my mined to think about. Lately, I’ve been feeling less than amazing when it comes to the ‘spiritual’ department. I often find myself wondering what is more important to me: the people in the church or the church itself. Is community the only thing that is keeping me a Christian?

I find that being part of a community is something that is really important to me. Perhaps that is why I felt such a large pull to start looking into my Mennonite roots. Being part of a community is something that validates some people; one feels like there is a place where to belong to. I really have no idea where my family comes from as it is usually considered a ‘taboo’ subject on both sides of my family. It is no wonder then that I find myself in a Christian community, where everyone can usually find themselves a caring family just by showing up.

The reason this question has suddenly struck me is due to a women in church today. The service this morning was not that great, not saying that the speech the pastor made was good, because it was, but there were very few people there and it was less than boisterous.
One old lady got to the front of the church during the service and took out a book and started to read. Even though she was reading Russian, it was easy to understand that she was reading about the death of Christ. As she was reading she started to cry and I could see that she was very hurt and upset as though a close friend had passed away.

She must have thought of Christ that way, as a close personal friend. All I could think about was how I don’t feel that way at all. Why don’t I have a close relationship with Christ? What is it that is keeping me from really becoming happy and giving everything to him?

I saw a few weeks ago a skit about a man who touched an object, and despite all of his efforts, he couldn’t let go of it. That object turned out to be sin. That is how I feel about my life sometimes, that I am tarnished with sin and that nothing I can do will ever let me be free of it. It seems as though we are doomed to carry these objects through-out the entirety of our lives.

There is nothing in life that promises us that being a Christian will solve our problems. That is something that I have come to accept. My question is this: how do I stoke the coals of Christianity and lead an exciting, fulfilling life? Something to chew on for the next little while.

Here is a picture of me with my hair ‘In Ordnung’ as we like to say here in Altes Lager. I bought the ladies of the Altes Lager hair salon a thank-you card. They laughed.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Garry! I just wanted to encourage you in your walk with God. All the stuff you were into before doesn't matter. You are NOT tarnished beyond what God is able to clean you of.(or desires to clean you of!) Our walk with him is not dependent of our goodness but rather how much we will allow him to clean us! As for how to "stoke the coles" of your walk with God, my advice is to GET INTO THE WORD!!! I know it sounds so obvious and over rated but it so isn't. Ask Father to show you what he wants you to see before you start and then prepare to be amazed! James commands us though to pray believing, isn't that awesome?? We're COMMANDED to EXPECT God to deliver when we ask him to show us something! Sometimes it may be something "little" but the longer i'm a believer the more i find the little things amaze! In Acts...the story of Stephen...(i hope you know it!) the word "standing" appears somewhere that should knock your socks off. Most people though just skim right over it...I'll be praying for you Garry. God desires to have that exciting relationship with you, don't doubt it.