Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Well, yesterday I did what I have been threatening to do for a long, long time and cut my hair. It wasn’t so much as a hassle as it was a trial of human endurance. Don’t get me wrong I’m glade it is not over, but it was an ordeal that I will not soon forget.

I was debating my decision all the way to the barber’s shop and even while I was sitting waiting for the inevitable. I think the only reason I went through with the act was the fact that Keith was also getting the deed done. He had been talking about getting an ‘irok’ (Mohawk) for a while now just so he can keep up with his very trendy Euro-lifestyle. His haircut took about 20 minutes and turned out rather well.

My haircut, on the other hand, took closer around 2 ½ hours. For those of you who know me, you know that I tend to grossly exaggerate pretty much everything and that you need to take what I say with around a bag of salt. This time I’m being strait-up.

I feel pretty bad for the poor souls that had to work on my hair. I say souls because there were, at one point, 3 different women brushing the knots out of my hair. One of them had to stop to take a break because her arm got too sore. It took a long time, and a hefty supply of industrial strength conditioner, for those women to work their magic. The out come of all of this is that my hair is now 4-5 inches shorter and, essentially, back to the poofy, curly, uneven state that I really didn’t like in the first place. The one glorious exception would be that my hair has no knots and thus is no longer beginning to breed its horrible knot-offspring and consuming creatures of small manors. I’ll have pictures soon of the whole process.

In other news, Keith is off to visit my brother in Norway and then off to visit a friend in Scotland. This means that I am effectively alone for, what seems like, a long time. I have so far spent today in peaceful solitude, the only interruption being a visit Daniel and Waldimar. They have spring break now and decided to come by to chill for a bit. I still have to work tomorrow but I get Friday and Monday off, which as anyone will tell you is awesome.

I would also like to take this moment to reflect on a good friend of mine. That friend is BCC World Radio. Does radio get better than the excellent British programming that I look forward to every morning, afternoon and evening? God bless the U.K. and their host of well primed journalists, with out whom I would be very unaware of the world around me.

Happy Easter

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Anonymous said...

Hey Garry

It's really random that i found your blog. I feel for you about the whole hair cut thing. That must have been brutal. We all got back safe in Canada after being up for 31 hours sleeping for 4, and then going to class; intense.
It's been strange being back i've had these cravings for sandwiches and afelschaft mit gas. To funny.

God Bless