Sunday, May 06, 2007

It's not that I'm not the romantic type...

So time for a little update on the old blog. Keith and I just got home from seeing 300 in Berlin. It was a pretty good movie, very Sin Cityish. Seeing as I just got back from watching this film, I will only be giving you the very slim rundown on what last week was like.

So last Friday Keith and I went to Weirhof in Rhineland Pfalz for the German Trainee Spring Conference. It was really fun to see my good buddies from the program, we always have lots of fun together. We all took a day trip to Worms and I saw the Rhine River for the first time. Have to say that I was pretty disappointed; it wasn’t as scenic as I thought it would be. We also had a tour of the village we stayed in by the first trainee ever. It was really interesting as I am very interested in Mennonite history and he was the guy to go to. If there was anything else that was memorable in the weekend I forget. Oh wait, Debbie. I love Swiss people. Enough said.

After the conference a bunch of us went to say with the trainee who is staying in Enkenbach (also in Rhineland Pfalz). I got to hang out with my friends there, lots of Germans, Canadians and Americans (and a lot of very hard to understand Pfälzisch accents). My friend Hannah came on Monday and then the two of us left Enkenbach to go travelling.

Going on vacation was very nice. Hannah and I started off in the old city of Freiberg, which is right in the middle of the famous Black Forest. It was beautiful there and we both had fun. The weather was great and the meals were good too. Lots of just sitting and talking.

Next we went to the city of Basel, which is in Switzerland. It was one of my favourite cities I’ve been too. It wasn’t really touristy, which was great, and the people were really nice. Sometimes it was difficult as they speak Swiss German, but everyone could also speak High German too. The river was much more beautiful here, but the stores along the front were very expensive! Merci veil mals!

The last major city we went Strasbourg. Excuse me if I spelt it wrong, there seems to be a million ways to spell it. Strasbourg is said to be the ‘Capital of Europe’ and sits on the French side of the border. Another very beautiful city with very interesting architecture and nice people. Being in France, they spoke French, but I found my 9 years of French class to be very unhelpful. I guess I should have listened better, but luckily for me, the all spoke German. Learning German comes in handy when you live in Europe.

After France we went to go visit my friend Rachael in Karlsruhe. We had almost too much of a good time, if there is such a thing. Rachael and I made plans to go to Poland next month, so that is good too.

Then after all was said and done it was time to go back to Enkenbach, say my goodbyes, and then head back to Altes Lager. It was a good vacation, but I’m pretty tired now and I feel like I need another vacation just to rest!


Rachel said...

dude, swiss people ARE awesome. debbie especially. i dont think any of us will ever forget that.

gary h. said...

sorry dude, I spelled your name wrong. I wish I had a pocket Debbie. Whenever I feel sad, I'd pull her out of my pocket and she'd tell me swiss jokes that I don't really understand, but still find hilarious.

Anonymous said...

hi gary!
it is a hello and we miss you from the homeland. you need to come home soon as Joe needs someone to play with and misses you immensely!! He misses your adventures.

love yo mama!