Friday, May 18, 2007

Starship Boxes

Well, it’s that time again (update time), so I suppose I should get to the updating part. Things have been going pretty steady this week, mostly on account that it was a 3 day work week. Yesterday was a holiday and so today is an unofficial holiday for me as well. I have to say, waking up this morning and knowing that it was only Friday sent shivers of happiness down my spine.

My holiday yesterday was spent listening to music. In the morning there was a music band from Chicago who played at the local theatre ‘Das Haus’. It was an interesting band, not what I usually listen to, but pretty good all the same. The people from the band were very nice and very American. This one guy was quite content to start talking with someone in rapid English, even though no one understood a word of what he was saying. Nice though. Really.

Yesterday was also the beginning of the ‘Jüterboger Spargelfest’. Spargel, for those of you who don’t know, is rather like asparagus, except pasty white in colour; and they have a festival for this thing. Back home we have a ‘Strawberry Festival’, but everyone likes strawberries! Spargel? You’d be better off hosting a ‘Broken-Needles-I-Found-By-The-River-Fest’, in my humble opinion.

After returning home from the Asparagusfest, Keith and I were dazzeled and amazed by watching one of the greatest young men movies of all time: Starship Troopers. Simply amazing to be blunt! In fact, we were so impressed that we went out today and rented the sequel, only to be horrifyingly disappointed. I had high expectations and I was caught unawares. Pity.

It’s funny how time seems to change things, especially when there are long distances involved. It odd how sometimes you can feel so close to someone and then all it takes is a little time to dissolve that friendship. I suppose I could make this more cliché by adding the traditional, ‘you think you know somebody and then...BAM!’ That seems to be the end result of most of my friendships at one point or another. I think I have something solid and then it turns out to be just another, I’m pretty stuck for a word here, so I’ll just, then it turns out to be just another empty box.

In the end it’s good to find the empty boxes, because empty means that there was nothing for me to get out of the friendship anyways. I’d most likely just end up with another ‘Christmas and Birthday Card’ friend. There seem to be very few genuine people who will actually tell me what’s going on with them; everyone seems so guarded these days. Odd.


Keith said...

As to your comment über Die Scarlet, you have obviously never seen 'Gone with the Wind´'. Dirty name indeed.

gary h. said...

Scarlet is the name of a hussy.

Anonymous said...

How much longer do you have in Germany?