Saturday, June 30, 2007

Football and Parties

So, I just found out that this guy I grew up with, David Edgar, is now a football star in England. Crazy. Interesting at what happens down the road of time, eh? He’s one of the stars now of the Canadian U-20 football club. Hopefully, when soccer finally becomes popular in Canada he will come and take a place at my beloved Toronto FC. One day.

Yesterday, a party was held for us trainees in Altes Lager. You could sort of call it our going away party. All of the people who we work with attended and lots of cake was served. I had a blast, but it was sad to be celebrating the ending of our time here.

We ended up getting a bunch of really nice gifts from everyone. We received a large number of Ritter Sport chocolate bars, with many different flavours to choose from, a book of nice photos about Berlin, a Teltow-Fäming t-shirt, and a bunch of Jüterbog paraphernalia. All of these things are very much appreciated.

This now means I have one week left of work. I feel that the work part is mostly over and that this coming week will be more of a time of small good-bye parties. On Thursday I am making ‘American Style’ pizza with the kids, so I’m looking forward to that. It’ll be messy, but fun. I’ll try and get pictures on here if I can.

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