Tuesday, June 26, 2007

gück mal! Ich habe scharfe zähne!

So, here is another blog post; my third in three weeks. Hard to believe I know, but I really have nothing better to do that find ways to waste time and this provides an excellent opportunity to do just that.

Today, Tuesday, meant that I would find myself getting up at 7am to head to the Kita Neidergörsdorf. This is one of my more favourite work places, even if the kids are a bit wild. There is this one kid who is absolutely nuts, her name is Elisa. She is 3 years old and the most Aryan child I have yet to come across. She is so white that I sometimes have to wear sunglasses if we are playing in the sun. I’m being serious.

As I was pushing her on the swings today, she was telling me her big plans to run away from home, just for the day though, and move into the Kindergarten. She had it all worked out; the sleeping bag by her bed, the route to the Kindergarten drawn on a map (I have seen it and it resembles a thorn bush more than a map), and the food...well, she was going to just eat here at the Kindergarten. She was even kind enough to invite me along, but I said that Keith (they all know of him) would miss me too much. She replied by saying that she has very sharp teeth, and proved it by jumping off the swing and viciously ending the life of a tiny flower by gnashing it to bits. The greatest mystery in the universe is the mind of a 3 year-old.

Yesterday was my last lesson at Kita Lichterfelde. It caught me off guard because I didn’t realize that it was my last time there. I figured that I have another lesson in July, but apparently I don’t. It was a very melancholy moment as I was happy, but one of my kids started crying because I wouldn’t see them again. It was my first real warning shot that my work is actually at an end. I realize that I keep on repeating the whole ‘oh my! I’m leaving soon’ theme but that’s because it is such a weird feeling that I can’t rightly describe. After living here for so long, leaving seems almost impossible. I really think you can only experience what I’m feeling right now. You can’t have someone describe it. Isn’t that how life always is though? You can’t ever rightly describe it, you have to live it.

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