Monday, June 18, 2007


So yesterday I returned home from my first trip to Geißen in Hesen. We had a trainee party there and I got to tell you, it was a blast and then some.

My friend Rachel came to visit us on last Thursday and after a delicious meal of sushi and beers in Berlin we were off again to Altes Lager. Rachel, Keith and myself are currently in the process of making a movie in which killer ‘moon cows’ are trying to destroy the population of unicorns...and people....and dogs. It is a long and complicated story that usually involves a very bored altes lager trainee and a camera of some sort. Anyways, we got a lot of filming done and I am very excited to see the end result at the Intermenno End Conference talent show.

After work on Friday, we all hoped on the train to Geißen and had a jolly 7 hour train ride. Oh sorry, did I say jolly? I meant ghastly, my bad. 7 hours on a high speed vehicle sounds like fun to most North Americans, but I’d have to say it is over-rated. I shouldn’t be so bad though, we did have some hilarious conversations. Friends help on these trips.

Upon arrival we were met by some very friendly trainees sitting in chairs in the back of a large van. There also may or may not have been some sort of beer involved. Just kidding, it was just water.

The trainee who lives there, John, then drove us home and we had a little trainee party before going to some very awesome bowling lanes. I didn’t have a super game, but I did okay. Eric, I will find some way to win one of these days.

The next day we went into the very lovely city of Geißen and had a ball running around with like chickens with our heads cut off. No wonder Europeans don’t like us, we’re so freaking loud all the time. It was a beautiful day filled with a little football, a pick-nick under cherry trees and a very hungry puppy that looked quite sad as it was dragged away from our food.

That night John made us hamburgers that were really, really good and we had mojitos and sat outside and enjoyed the night. It, unfortunately, started to rain so we moved the party back inside and eventually went out dancing. Really good music and a lot of fun, even though I left early with another friend. We’re really more pub people than club people. Go figure.

This is my last adventure until I leave Altes Lager in one month. Crazy, but I had a lot of fun and it was well worth the weeks of anticipation. Now all I have to do it wait for the End Conference

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