Sunday, June 10, 2007

It is now the 10th of June. One has to ask the question, ‘Where has all of the time gone?’ I can hardly believe that it has been 10 months already. Looking back I have done so much, and I find it hard to believe that it is all coming to a close. While two months is still a long time, life in Altes Lager seems to make it fly by. That or makes it crawl to a stand still.
As my across-the-hall mate Keith said that he is in between wanting to leave now and wanting to stay. I feel the exact same way.
On one hand, going back to life in Canada will be nice, but then I have to start intergrading myself back into the real world. I already know from previous experiences that trying to do that will be a somewhat painful experience, it always is.
Being in Europe means that I have total freedom, for the most part, to do what I want. I lead a life here in which I am ultimately accountable to only myself and I have very, very few responsibilities. I say that I maybe do real ‘work’ for about 18 hours a week. I don’t have to work about paying bills or where I am going to get money for entertainment. The life of a trainee is very nice.
It does have its drawbacks though, especially since I’ve been here in AL for 2 terms, as opposed to 1. We exhausted all of the free activities some time ago, really to the point that I could most likely walk through town/the local hiking trails/tierparks with a blindfold! For the most part though I’ve managed to do and see a lot of interesting things while living in AL, so I’m more happy than disappointed in the end.
The one thing that helps with boredom is taking a trip. Just when I think I can’t stay in AL a moment longer, I usually end up on a train. Travelling releases a lot of the stress I build up and reminds me how fortunate I am to be here in Germany. I travel, get tired and then get really happy to end back in my own room.
The next travel opportunity is another trainee party; this time being hosted by the Gießen trainee. Gießen is a town close to Frankfurt am Main for those of you who don’t have a knowledge of placement towns and German cities. I am very excited to get back on the road and hang-out with my friends. This will be my last major trip before I leave A.L. for good.
It is nuts just even thinking about that. While we don’t know exactly when our work here ends, we are pretty sure that we are finished around the 12th of July. That means I only have 4 more English classes to make! Woohoo! We are planning on spending the rest of our time travelling before finally heading back to Mennorode in the Netherlands for the Intermenno End Conference.

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