Monday, July 30, 2007

Baltic Sea

I've been meaning to post this for a while now. I had another small adventure, this time to the Baltic Sea. It was without doubt one of the best parts of my year in Germany. It was really such an amazing time and the perfect way for me to spend some solitary time to reflect on my year in Deutschland.

Right after writing my last post I realized that I was hot. Very hot. So, naturally, I decided that I should go swimming. Seeing as the German port city of Rostock is only a few hours drive from Altes Lager, I went for it. I packed my things in the little red car and left early in the morning.

Upon arriving I parked my car in a back-lot and then found my way to the HBF. From there I went into the city to enjoy its wonderful architecture. Many port cities have a look all to their own, and this one was no exception. The main square was wonderful and let me all the way down to the harbour.

So I made it to the harbour and I wanted to hit the beach. The logical thing would be to follow the water until it gets to the beach right? Apparently not, as this harbour was huge. It took me forever to get to the beach (4-5 hours), and when I finally got there I realized that there was a subway that went right from the HBF (main train station) to the beach in the first place. Oi vey.

The beach was well worth the wait. The Baltic was everything I thought it would be and then some. It was cold and with a tinge of brown. It you took out the salt, I might have thought that I was back home at the Great Lakes! It was so nice to hit cool water it that hot, hot heat.
I sat on a nice spot in the corner of the beach where one could see two brightly coloured lighthouses. This part of Germany is famous for its lighthouses and it lived up to its name. However, all that amazing spectacular…ness…makes one sleepy, so I had a little nap and was consequently burned quite badly my the sun. Prima.

After a while it started to rain so I headed back to the car to make sure that it was still there. It was, which made me very happy. I changed into some nicer clothes and decided I would go out and enjoy the night life of Rostock.

I went back into the train station to catch the lorry into town, when something odd happened: I had the most massive nose bleed I have ever had in my life. It was like a deluge of blood poring out of my nose. As first, I actually thought it was pretty funny. I looked like I had been punched in the face so I thought I’d see what would happen if I started to moan a bit (there were about 30 other people on the platform staring at me). Well, true to their form, the Germans stoically ignored me.

As I rushed to the bathroom to stop the bleeding, I was unhappy to see that the bathroom was a pay-per-use one. All of my change was in my pocket and my hands were currently covered now in my own blood. I asked if there was anyone in there who could help me and a young guy came out, looked at me, and just said, ‘Shit, you…shit!’. Stunning.

30 minutes later, after I had recomposed myself, I headed into the city and entered a nice little side cafĂ©. There was a really nice girl there and we started talking and I ended up receiving a free milky cappuccino. It was really nice of her so I didn’t refuse, even though I suffer from severe lactose intolerance. She was really nice, but the rest of my night wasn’t, I had the head-ache from hell later on. So I figured I’d just go back to the car and sleep it off.

The next morning I woke up at around 6:30am. As it turns out, being cheap and trying to safe money by sleeping in your very small car is not as great as it sounds in your head. Never-the-less, I ventured forth to the beach and sat at the lighthouses and ate a small breakfast and had a small coffee. The rest of the morning was spent swimming and walking along the now mostly deserted beach (the rest of the people were very old and very naked swimmers). I also saw seals, which was very awesome.

After walking a long the beach for what must have been 4-5 hours, I went back and had a conversation with some guys I met at a McDonald’s. They told me that they were Danish and lived in a city called Gedyser. I ended up taking a ferry back with them and spent the day being lost in a Danish town. Despite their Artic island stealing tendencies, the Danish are actually pretty nice people.

After coming back I rested for a bit and then ended up driving home to sleep in my bed. It was the end of a crazy adventure.

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