Friday, September 28, 2007

This just in: Update!

Holy cow its been some time since I last blogged. I've been looking at this sad un-updated webpage for too long, so its about time that someone did something about it.

Things lately have been two things: 1) Very Fun
2) Very Expensive

I am still working at the pool place doing my 45 hours a week. At nights I have been spending it with friends and spending lots of money (this would be the money that I should be giving to pay back my student loans). Here are some highlights of the past little while:

I recently had the most amazing Saturday. I woke up and went to the local greasy spoon for the breakfast special. Around here it's called the "Pickle Slam". There are no actual pickles in the whole deal. After breakfast we went golfing and I didn't do that badly for once! Then we got a few beers and had a wicked cornroast. Very awesome.

I have also been really getting into church life here and I have started to go back to my parent's church (the Olive Branch). There are some really interesting people there and I am very much looking forward to geting deeper into the church circles.

I had a date.

I also met up with my good buddy Jovanna for dinner and a glass of wine last week. I'm actually going back down to see her in about 10 minutes to go out with more friends, Jo included. Very excited about that.

Oh, and who could forget the whirlwind of a weekend that was "Gary Returns to KW". It was awesome to see all of my old buds and we actually went out to a western bar for kareoke (spl?). First and last time for that. The Beastie Boys would have been ashamed of me and let's just leave it at that.

Also, Markham Fair was this weekend. I saw cows and multicoloured chickens. Tre cool.

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Keith said...

garacious. The spelling issue would be, of course, Karaoke. From the japanese Kara meaning empty, and okesutora meaning orchestra, though I'm sure everyone knows that. Sounds like your life is pretty all right, though you should try and save a bit of cash to pay off debts or send to friends who haven't landed that perfect job yet. I interviewed today, but if i dont get it I have a temporary spot lined up somewheres.