Sunday, March 30, 2008

Don't waste your time or time will waste you

I am listening to Silversun Pickups at the moment and I do have to say that they are quite awesome. Great indie band with some catchy singles. Check'em out if you get a chance.

Today was, to me anyways, the first true day of spring. The weather was windy but carried a familiar spring essence with it. I went for a walk today with a friend in Pickering along the lake by the nuclear plant. The irony of it was too good to pass up.

I like spring because everything looks so clean. Its really like the new year is starting now. May is around the corner and it seemed like just yesterday that winter was out in full force. Another fresh beginning for another new year of my life. Its all so exciting...haha.

I have become addicted to the BBC documentary "planet earth". What an amazing bunch of videos of the world. Its like when I watch one of them I get a little whiff of that travel smell and I am placated for another few days...haha.

I have also decided to become a tea master. I will brew my own teas. I figured that I've always liked tea, so why not try making a few of my own flavours? In case you are wondering, I have been watching quite a few asian epic movies/tv shows. The most bitching dudes always drink tea. Very noble.

Speaking of which, time for a cup.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It had something to do with a wenesday....

"If I had eyes in the back of my head, I would have told you that you look good as you walked away". That is one heck of a hilarious pick up line provided to us today by none other than Mr. Jack Johnson. I received his new album a few days ago and I am now giving it a good listen. So far so good.

I don't work until 5pm today so I have had the morning to chill and do my own thing. Oddly enough, I didn't sleep in. Whenever I have the opportunity to sleep in I usually get up bright and early. What did I have to wake up to this morning? A piping hot bowl of pea soup. I need to stop eating weird things. Having been so many places in which breakfast is defined by whatever you have around from the previous day, I now have very few qualms about downing a can of coke and leftover pizza for breakfast. Pea soup, however, was what was available.

On a more personal note, I have now come to the conclusion that I no longer believe in God. Feels weird to be writing that. I agree with the values, the morals and I am still a very big advocate of nonviolence and pacifism, but I just cannot lie and say that I believe in a God who rules over my destiny and everything else. Perhaps its my astounding ability to refuse to let anyone tell me what to do. The very idea of having my life fit someone else's ideals is just something that doesn't sit well with me.

This is a little worrying as I just signed up to be a leader in my churches adults group. I wonder how they are going to take it. I'm thinking that I'm just going to tell them and go cold turkey. I feel bad about it, but its what's healthy I guess.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Avalanche

What to say of the past few weeks. Such crazy times as these are hard to blog, as I often find myself short on the actual memories needed to describe the events.

I've been living la vita loca for the past little while and I am glade to say that I have been taking a little break from it. Not so much of a break as I'm not going out every single night. Last night however I did not return home until the bright hour of 7am. That was one heck of a party. One I don't think that I'll I be quick to forget.

I recently attended another party at a friend's place in Port Perry. It was my first visit to the fair town and I have to say that I will definitely need to make a return visit come summer time. We are all clamoring for that beautiful time of year, aren't we? It was a good time and there was plenty of dancing to go around. I am not as young as I used to be, but apparently I can still cut a mean rug.

I am smitten with a girl. She is frigging crazy, but then again, that is my type I suppose. There is not a chance in hell though that anything will become of it. Shade.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. A time honoured tradition inwhich all peoples of the world come together to get hammered in honour of our Irish compatriots. Well, Slante friends.

Come on State!
Come on Song!
Come on Life!
Come on Road!
Make it right!
Make it noise!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Reflections of a long forgot past

So I've spent the last hour stalking the blogs of the new Intermenno trainees. All I can say so far is that I hate them. Alright, that was a little harsh. I am jealous of them. They're off on an adventure and I feel as though my adventures have come to an end for the time being. Drives me absolutely crazy sometimes to think that I have spent all that I have to spend in life. I know that isn't the case, far from it actually, but thats how I feel.

I have recently come to the conclusion that I need to grow up. Not a lot, but a little. I feel that I have been purposely keeping myself where I am so that I won't have to face the hard work that I know is soon to come. The thing that has been bothering me though is that keeping myself here is really more work than that which I am avoiding.

So with this realization has come a plethora of arduous tasks. Such as getting a credit card, figuring out my living situation for next term and all of my courses arranged.

I sometimes look at who I am now and who I was 2 years ago and wonder what happened. I'm such a bitter person at times, its almost as if I am completely different. As if that old part of me that was quick to laugh and slow to get angry died a little bit. Is this the way the world will take its toll on me? What if I am 75 one day and I am nothing but a empty husk of what I once was? That prospect scares me greatly.

Spring Time

Its hard to believe that it's already march! Today was a nice balmy day of 9C. I readily enjoyed walking home in this weather, it helped me calm down a bit. You see, I was in what some might call a bad mood. I called it being "defensive". Anyone who tread on my toes today got a nice blast of "Ode to Gary's Wrath".

Today has been a day of action. I watched American Beauty last night. Whenever I watch that movies I always get the sudden urge to rise up and surprise myself. Oh Kevin Spacey, you are a devilish one aren't you...

Here is to hopefully, a better mood tomorrow.