Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Avalanche

What to say of the past few weeks. Such crazy times as these are hard to blog, as I often find myself short on the actual memories needed to describe the events.

I've been living la vita loca for the past little while and I am glade to say that I have been taking a little break from it. Not so much of a break as I'm not going out every single night. Last night however I did not return home until the bright hour of 7am. That was one heck of a party. One I don't think that I'll I be quick to forget.

I recently attended another party at a friend's place in Port Perry. It was my first visit to the fair town and I have to say that I will definitely need to make a return visit come summer time. We are all clamoring for that beautiful time of year, aren't we? It was a good time and there was plenty of dancing to go around. I am not as young as I used to be, but apparently I can still cut a mean rug.

I am smitten with a girl. She is frigging crazy, but then again, that is my type I suppose. There is not a chance in hell though that anything will become of it. Shade.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. A time honoured tradition inwhich all peoples of the world come together to get hammered in honour of our Irish compatriots. Well, Slante friends.

Come on State!
Come on Song!
Come on Life!
Come on Road!
Make it right!
Make it noise!

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