Sunday, March 30, 2008

Don't waste your time or time will waste you

I am listening to Silversun Pickups at the moment and I do have to say that they are quite awesome. Great indie band with some catchy singles. Check'em out if you get a chance.

Today was, to me anyways, the first true day of spring. The weather was windy but carried a familiar spring essence with it. I went for a walk today with a friend in Pickering along the lake by the nuclear plant. The irony of it was too good to pass up.

I like spring because everything looks so clean. Its really like the new year is starting now. May is around the corner and it seemed like just yesterday that winter was out in full force. Another fresh beginning for another new year of my life. Its all so exciting...haha.

I have become addicted to the BBC documentary "planet earth". What an amazing bunch of videos of the world. Its like when I watch one of them I get a little whiff of that travel smell and I am placated for another few days...haha.

I have also decided to become a tea master. I will brew my own teas. I figured that I've always liked tea, so why not try making a few of my own flavours? In case you are wondering, I have been watching quite a few asian epic movies/tv shows. The most bitching dudes always drink tea. Very noble.

Speaking of which, time for a cup.

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