Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Trees are Turning

Its Fall now and I love it. I know it was "officially" Fall before this, but it looks and feels like it now. I've been in this tiny apartment for over a month now. So far, things are actually going surprisingly well. I really like living in Waterloo now. I have a totally different appreciation for it.

This past week has been nice and slow. I've spent a lot of time working, which usually consists of long nights so I haven't been up to that much. Work has been slow, as per usual, so I took the liberty of getting a Waterloo public library card so I can read to my heart content. Lately I've been rereading a book my naomi klein called "Shock Doctrine". Its a thick read, but the parallels between the Chicago School of rampant free market trade that happened in the Southern cone of South America in the 70's and today's market crisis are really striking. Very interesting.

I'm having problems with smoking. I know its bad for my health and part of me wants to quit because trying to lose weight by running in neigh impossible for a smoker. However, I have this tiny dilemma in that I really like smoking. I smoke a work, after afternoon coffee and after meals and it calms me down. I need a lot of calming these days. Oh well, if its not cancer from cigarettes, its going to be heart attacks from the food. C'est la vie?

In other news, I recently fell in love. I went to an art and music night put on by my friend last week. They had a few really good acts and some very interesting artwork. The second music act was this girl and her band. She was in a little black dress, wailed out some wicked songs and she played the electric guitar. I am in love, take me now. Unfortunately, she's dating the bass guitarist. I can't say for sure, but I have a fairly good idea that he's a douche bag. Don't ask me why, I just know these things. I mean, the bass? Might as well play a board with some brown paper string attached to it. That's how much skill the bass takes. Definitely a douche.

Someone is getting fired today. I feel bad for him, but mostly I feel bad for me because I am going to be there when he gets fired. I am also taking all his old shifts (because I told them they should fire him and give me his shifts). Did I also mention that this guy is really weird? Because he is. Seriously. Him getting fired has nothing, mostly, to do with me.


Lost Girl said...

Love at first sight eh? Do you believe in such a thing or did it suddenly happen?
It's good to see i'm not the only one.

Lost Girl said...

Oh and what happened to your "what happend when you ask for true love entry"?