Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So time for by bi-monthly post. Winter is now in full effect and I guess that is not so bad. Give it a few weeks and I'll be begging for the warm weather. In fact, I will be heading to a land of sunshine, El Salvador, in just a few weeks. My childhood buddies and I have decided that the time was right to finally make a group trip. I am very excited. I needed to get the travel bug out of me before school hits anyways.

Things are feeling a little less melancholy lately. Work is still going on for the most part, although there is petty conflict, as per usual. People not getting along, spiteful behavior and downright laziness. Myself being guilty of the last one. I keep getting the crappy shifts though, so I don't mind that I only do what is required of me.

So school in now a 100% go. I was billed for courses yesterday so no backing out now old boy. That's right, I am now heading back into debt by another $2,700. Let's hope its a smart investment. I even already purchased a few books so I can do some reading before the semester even starts. Weird, eh?

I've been sick lately, which is never fun. However, I've had a lot of people come to cheer me up in the past few weeks. Both my mom and my dad came by for a visit and my sister and friends from America are coming up on Thursday. So lots to look forward to.

I suddenly had a very odd feeling. I've regained everything that I believed lost. My friends, my status, my desire to do something everything down to my composure. I like who I am in this moment and oddly, its a very odd feeling. Scratch that last comment about not feeling melancholy. Melancholy just came behind me and proverbially punched me in the back of the head.

Screw you "Identity Crisis". I am sick of your bullshit! If you were a woman you'd be Courtney Love. A little bit attractive in the edgy sense, but mostly just gross and pitiful. I am over you.

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Lost Girl said...

Glad you found your way at last... please don't judge me for my last blog... i just wish to someone could understand...