Sunday, January 18, 2009

The End of Busy, the Start of Stress

Well, my week of jam packed adventure is over. There is something about a Sunday that is completely relaxing, yet at the same time full of anxiety. This has been of week of joy and sadness, relaxing times and times of not enough time.
This week was concluded with an excellent early morning breakfast among friends. Hopefully, a new social group in general. These are people I hopefully will be spending more time with this semester.

Even though I am busy with school, I am looking to plug myself in more with a few different communities. Especially the blogging community! I swear that I am going to learn HTML, even if it kills me...haha. Now that I've seen what is out there I want to be able to express myself better aesthetically in this cyber-world.

The bad thing about having fun, especially on the weekends, is the fact that you are not getting any work done whilst the party is in process. It it too hard to ask for a job that pays you to sit around and talk with your friends? I mean seriously folks...

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