Wednesday, January 21, 2009

mit dem Bus

The last few days have been made so much better by the amazing mode of public transportation that we call the bus. I have always held a deep love for public transportation, but not specifically for the typical reasons. Saving money and the environment are bonuses, but I find that my favourite part of the whole experience comes from complete sense of helplessness.

It's like the weight of the world is taken off of my shoulders for a few stops. When I am packed between all of those other people, in that moment, I am free from the subbtle palpitations of responsibility and stress. There is nothing I can do about my problems, nothing I can possibly change in that instant about my life. So why bother worrying about it? Everything fades away into the passing scenery of wherever I happen to be on my way to.

It's the same feeling I get when I blog, when I finish an exam, or when I'm in the back seat of a car and my parents are sitting up front. It's what I feel when I come out of a funeral, see I place I've lived in for the last time or listen to my favourite song Starálfur. Such a wonderful sense of melancholy tranquility. I say melancholy because that rich textured feeling seems to dissipate not one block after I get off.

I also seem to have the best conversations on trains or buses. Yesterday, I went down to Kitchener with Lisa Farlow to drop off my deposit for the house I'll be living in next year. Lisa is hilarious, I haven't talked about so many random topics and for so long in ages. Next year should be good. Lisa and I will be living with some relatively like minded people.

It's a known that babies tend to fall asleep in vehichles, apparently due to the motion. Maybe they have something on us?

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lfar said...

I never got my license (lie, I got it in April but haven't driven since) because not driving > driving. I don't understand why people like driving. Not driving is so much more fun.

I also have good conversations when travelling with people and I think it's because nobody is going anywhere. Besides a phone call (pesky cell phones) nothing can interrupt, you know?

Next year is going to be awesome.