Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year

January is now in full swing and in accordance with New Year's tradition I head into 2009 with a new haircut, new coat and some new goals. You should see the coat. It's actually pretty nice. As for the haircut, I'm still undecided at the present. It was nicely done, and for free mind you, by my sister.

Things are going pretty well right now. I was really productive today to the point of feeling really bored once I finished everything I set out to do. Wiped me out to boot. After coffee and finishing my readings, I stopped into work to say hi. Then I had quite a time tracking down a pencil case. After raiding two art shops, various book stores and a tea shoppe, I settled on a paint brush case and a new knowledge of tea (I bought a few samplers).

I am ready to start class. I want it to be here already. Waiting around for a lot of work is something I find particularly frustrating. I wish I could get a jump on it.

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