Monday, February 02, 2009

From Them to Me

I am part of a pretty neat community of bloggers called Twenty Something Bloggers. Please check it out if you can. Most, if not all of the people, who read this blog are already included in this little niche of the internet.

Every so often they have a few blogging contests and this month's, in honour of Valentine's Day, is creating a love letter or a break-up letter. As I was thinking to myself about topics, I wondered what it would be like to write a break-up letter to myself from the perspective of every woman I've ever dated. Who else has given me the best material for this, if not them?

This is my first attempt at audio stuff, so be gentle. Until I figure out where to find a decent audio widget that is supported by Blogger, you'll have to download it. The music is by RJD2, one of my favourite artists.


Sebastian said...

Hahaha. That was great! Reminded me a BIT of Eminem ... But that's OK, right?!

Did you perform the music too, or?

Gary Hallman said...

Eminem?! Oi vey, so much for chilling with David Sedaris...haha. My dreams of NPR fame and glory shall come true!

The music is from RJD2, one of the best acts out there.

mai said...

haha i like RJD2.
eminem..i don't hear it but if i listened hard enough i prob could. i don't even remember what eminem sounds likes! ha

lfar said...

Gary this is pretty cool! Also- is this all true? You're a jerk boyfriend!

Gary Hallman said...

I was a much younger, much stupider boy. Saying "I've changed" always sounds so lame. Most likely because that has yet to actually change a woman's opinion of me. I guess I deserve whatever Karma decides to throw at me.

Also, that girl in France totally had it coming to her.

Maddie said...

did you just use the term oi vey gary? i'm a little bit in love with you now. p.s.-if david sedaris weren't gay i would snatch him away in an instant. i love him!!!