Sunday, February 01, 2009

An Interesting Experiment

I recently had a conversation with one of my friends on the art of flirting. I was intrigued to find out that there is actually a supposed science to it. We've both did a bit of research and are going to try to use some of the proscribed techniques and note some of the signs. Apparently, 97% of all human communication is done through body language and around 52 different subconscious things we do to indicate interest in the opposite sex.

A few of the tips:

* put your thumbs in your pockets and arch your fingers towards you legs. It forces you into a straight posture, sticks your chest out and apparently makes you look more "fit".
* look for mirroring. If people find you attractive, they'll usually subconsciously mirror your actions (such as taking a drink when you do).
* prolonged eye contact (that's a given)

As I mentioned earlier, we are to try our best to remember these "tips" and go out of our way to flirt as much as we can for 1 week and see how it works, the catch being we have to talk as little as possible and just try the body language. We started last Thursday and so far the results are astoundingly good. I use them everywhere and I am amazed at the positive feedback I am getting from women.

I recently went to a party this weekend and I figured it would be opportunity to try this out in a social setting. I was amazed.

step 1 - make sure I was walking into the room with my thumbs in my pockets.
step 2 - look for women who seemed to be "grooming" themselves. Straightening cloths, hair, etc.
step 3- make eye contact and don't break until they do
step 4- contact. Make sure their whole body is facing you, watch for mirroring, if they're sticking their necks out, or showing their palms.
step 5 - whispering is good.
step 6- enjoy.

It worked pretty darn well. My friend is apparently getting similar results. He was just telling me how he tried it while in a Subway while getting lunch. He said maybe 20 words and left with a free meal and a phone number. That's not too shabby.

Tomorrow is the first day we'll be trying it on campus. I'm excited to try it out! Who knew science could be so fun?


Ambles said...

I've heard (for girls) that looking down a guy's neck really slowly is supposed to be a huge turn-on (I think they recommend that you start at the lips and work your way down.) Also lightly licking your lips, and yah, whispering. Only problem is, I can never remember to do these things when I'm around someone I like.... Oh, and before I forget, smiling is a big one, it automatically makes you more attractive to other people. Unless, you know, you're really creepy.

Gary Hallman said...

haha, nothing like a creepy smile to set the mood.

Sebastian said...

I don't think that's REALLY a science... more... 'can I abuse human nature as much as possible'... :)

Fun though! Me myself, I do some social engineering occasionally -- seeing how far I can get inside a large office complex, working my way into someone's server room, manipulating people into weird conclusions... it's always fun, but I wouldn't call it science. More a learning experience!

I wish I had a campus to go to... damn living in the middle of no where...

Ambles said...

I think it could be counted as a science since it has to do with HUMAN CHEMISTRY. But that's just my opinion, no doubt some very serious academic types are debating this very subject as I type.

Sebastian said...

I meant that it COULD be a science (sociology and psychology! soft, but still just about sciences...), but I think this more comes under 'experimentation' :P

Gary Hallman said...

I think you are right Sebastian. If this were something that could be broken down in scientific research, we would most likely be able to understand the opposite sex a lot better than we do now.

However, maybe Ambles has a point with the whole "social sciences" thing? I'll bring this up in my philosophy seminar tomorrow.

lfar said...

I knew science could be so fun! I've always known!

Also let's do this in class tomorrow. First person to get a number wins.