Thursday, February 19, 2009

North America

 Today the president of the United States of America came to visit our humble country of Canada. After watching it on the news, while having my teeth ravished by a very good looking Asian dentist, I went to cry in solitude at my local hometown greasy spoon, the Fickle Pickle. 

While enjoying my meal I was watching about 10 thousand Canadian people going nuts on Parliament Hill. I have not seen that many crying teens since I was forced to take my sister to see the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in theaters. 

I found this rather amusing as I was present the last time a President came to Ottawa and I can assure you that the mood was less than stellar. Numerous people, including some friends, were arrested and poor GWB was quickly and quietly asked to not knock his ass on the door on the way out.

As I was enjoying my french toast and bad coffee in the FP, the waitress came up to me to ask why it was such a big deal. She went into a rant about all the horrible things that the American's do and how poor Canada would be better off without them. I must admit I used to think this way as well, so I can't really rag on her too much. It's frustrating for a lot of Canadians to have so little input on issues that affect us so greatly. Oh well. 

Looking back now I, dare I say it, actually like Americans. A lot. Most of my good friends are Americans and we were brought together in familial love by a common interests, which would be hating just about anyone else. Having lived in Europe at one time, running into an English speaker was like winning the jackpot. Especially Americans. There are so many cultural oddities that we take for granted. 

"Oh wow, you speak English?"
"Sure do, I'm Canadian."
"Remember frozen concentrated juice?"
"Fuck yea!"

Trying to explain the idea of frozen essence of juice to anyone not from North America is just idiotic. The longer you go on, the more you feel like an ass. So cheers to Americans.

I still will say that the people closest to my heart will always remain the Dutch and the Kiwis. We're like the smarter, younger brothers who never get any attention because we've got a cooler brother, who's a grade older and has the mustache we've always dreamed of growing. 

Happy Obama Day Canada. Enjoy the free love and peace vibes. 


Sebastian said...

Not to piss on your brigade or anything, but we have frozen juice concentrate in the UK too...!

I used to enjoy eating it with a spoon, as a child...

Haven't told anyone that in a long time!

Maddie said... have a restaurant called the "fickle pickle?" I need to investigate this. Canada, here I come!